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Venango County Tea Party Patriots will meet on Thursday, August 27 at 6:30 pm at the Sandycreek Fire Hall located at 624 Congress Hill Road, in Franklin.  The topic will be on Voter Fraud and Mail-in Ballots.  Excerpts from Catherine Engelbrecht’s True the Vote podcast will inform us on 5 Easy Ways to Steal an Election and How You Can Stop It.   The main thrust of the message will be to encourage citizen involvement in the election process.  Ms Sabrina Backer, Venango County Chief Clerk, will be on hand to inform the group of local needs in the polling places as well as volunteer opportunities to help this coming election run smoothly.  The facility offers plenty of room for social distancing.  Masks are your choice. 

Catherine Engelbrecht, True the Vote

True the Vote serves as a civic hub, working together with citizens and organizations to recruit, train and mobilize election workers, defend the veracity of the electoral process, and deter election fraud. Activities include:

  • Team Building – Helping volunteers connect with the tools they need to engage in election work.
  • Training and Mobilization – Training a broad base of volunteers to work in elections, research, and support positions across the electoral process.
  • Reporting – Acting as watchdog and building a rapid response network for communication and action.