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A Christian law firm is defending nearly 20 tea party organizations from apparent intimidation by the Internal Revenue Service.

As reported recently on OneNewsNow, at the beginning of 2012 tea party organizations across the country began receiving letters from the IRS requesting more information related to their applications for designation as 501(c)(4) non-profit organizations. The letters were apparently sent out after six liberal Democratic senators sent a letter to the IRS commissioner requesting that he investigate whether certain 501(c)(4) groups are engaging in substantial campaign activity, including opposition to any candidate.

The Associated Press says documents provided by some of the groups show the IRS wants painstaking details about the groups’ postings on Twitter and other social networking sites, information on donors and key members’ relatives, and minutes of meetings. The IRS will not comment on specific cases, but says it simply wants to gather enough information to decide if the groups qualify for tax-exempt status. This would require the organizations not to be involved primarily in activities that could influence an election.

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