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From the Galatian Free Press:

It is amazing that so many Americans are willing to tolerate 8%+ unemployment, 15%+ underemployment, & 49 Million People in poverty, when America can do so much better than that.    The economy is capable of achieving 5% unemployment rate for sustained periods of time; and the difference between the current conditions and the full employment rate of 5% is night and day for tens of millions of People.      Indeed, those who work in the field of humanitarian relief ought to be focused on America, instead of Africa.   Under Obama’s policies, America can no longer afford to be the world’s humanitarian reliever.    We are being dragged down into third world status ourselves, by Obama’s high oil policies.
The poor economic performance of this economy begs the question, “How can any U.S. administration, with an educated staff and all the powers of the Presidency, possibly continue on with such inane policies as this administration is doing?”
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