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They work for the state, they retire and collect a lump sum and a pension, then they go back to work part-time for the state.

And they collect unemployment.

Though it sounds strange, it’s true, and it’s happening a lot.

Kathi Bryan, a retired state worker who brought this to our attention, said she knows of over a dozen state workers who are doing this. She thinks they are taking advantage of the system.

Bryan initially thought it might be against the law. It isn’t – but lawmakers say they would like to close the unemployment compensation loophole and potentially save the state millions of dollars.

Bryan was born and raised in Highspire and went to work for the Department of Public Welfare straight out of high school. She retired last year after 34 years and said she is “loving every minute of it.”

But Bryan is troubled by the triple-dipping that’s going on. She said some of her fellow retirees are going back to work for the state for 95 days, which is the most allowed without pension suspension. When the 95 days are up, they start collecting unemployment benefits.

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