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Agenda Project, founded by Erica Payne, co-founder of Democracy Alliance and former Deputy National Finance Director for the Democratic National Convention, posted a video on YouTube portraying Congressman Paul Ryan as pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff.  It accuses Republicans of wanting to privatize Medicare, thus destroying it and killing senior citizens.

The Whole Truth” video was posted by AmericanDoctors4Truth.org  It gives documented proof about what Obamacare really will do to senior Americans and how much it will cost all of us.

Do you know a doctor who would like to join Docs4PatientCare?  Pennsylvania is one of twelve state chapters which have formed thus far!

This is from their webpage:

PA Chapter Update

Compelled to act, recognizing that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its 150 new boards and agencies will bureaucratize, regulate, and ration American healthcare to the great detriment of patients, the profession of medicine, and our country, The Pennsylvania Chapter of Docs4Patientcare was founded by the meeting of its four Officers in Harrisburg, PA, in August 2011. Dr. Nicholas Pandelidis from York, Dr. Peter Kummant from Pittsburgh and Dr. Arvind Cavale from Holland met Dr. Elena Farrell at her office in Harrisburg, PA, and launched the PA Chapter.We understand that the national Docs4Patientcare effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare would depend on state chapters mobilizing practicing physicians. Since then, the membership has increased at least 5-fold and we continue to add new members.

Our chapter members have participated in regional meetings to discuss the ill-effects of the PPACA and offer better alternatives, including several publications in local newspapers. The PA Docs4PC is now leading the effort with several other state organizations to elected officials and the public to dissuade the PA state government from facilitating ObamaCare in our Commonwealth by implementing a PPACA compliant insurance exchange.

Our short term mission is to work at the state level, and to support the national Docs4PC effort to repeal ObamaCare and replace with viable market-based reforms.

The longer term mission is to replace the Pennsylvania Medical Society as the primary physician organization so to truly represent the interests of our physicians, our patients, and the profession of medicine.