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Do you believe that Presidents can affect the price of gasoline?

Well, sometimes the media thinks that he can and sometimes they think that, even though  he can keep the waters from rising and the climate from changing, he can’t.  I’m talking, of course, about the disparate treatment the media gave George Bush when gasoline prices spiked to $3.51 per gallon — even though he and Vice President Cheney tried desperately to override Democrat obstruction and increase production by opening ANWR, permitting drilling on the continental shelf, allowing the extraction of  oil from tar sands on federal land and slashing red tape on new refinery and pipeline construction.  Back then they blamed Bush.

But the media don’t think that a president and head of a party which have done everything possible to reduce domestic petroleum production are at all responsible when after those efforts succeeded , the price of gasoline soars to far greater heights (right now about $5.00 per gallon)under Obama.

Do you believe that sitting in the first two rows of burlesque shows causes men to go bald?  If you do, the AP “Fact Check” on the correlation of increased domestic energy production and increased gas prices is perfectly coherent.

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