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After twenty years of mentoring athletic children, my brother is not coaching a little league football team this year.  He said things have changed.  He ranted, “The kids run the show.  They do not fear or respect anyone.  Parents cuss you out or worse for verballydisciplining their child.  Some teams have banned keeping score, and every kid gets a trophy — pure politically correct namby-pamby feel-good garbage.  Powerful life lessons are learned through experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

I viewed my non-political brother’s frustration as what is described as a “teachable moment.”  I explained to my Obama-voter brother that the source of his frustration was liberalism, which is infecting every area of our culture.

This is my same younger brother who scolded me a year or so ago for criticizing Obama’s unfolding liberal/socialistic agenda.  He said, “Give the brother a chance!  Bush really screwed things up.  Obama can only deal with one thing at a time.”

The “No Labels” movement has taken root in some conservatives.  These conservatives say, Let’s talk about right versus wrong rather than liberal versus conservative.  Labels divide us.

I believe that this is a mistake.  Breaking things down into liberal philosophy versus conservative philosophy helped my non-political brother to understand, as we children of the ’60s would say, where Obama and company are “coming from.”

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