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From Harold Jackson:  “As a small-business person, this law also threatens the future of my business. I employ only a handful of people but we work hard to provide our customers with a product of which we are very proud. However, if PPACA remains the law of the land, the costs of the new regulations and taxes that will result will negatively impact my company’s ability to continue providing health insurance for employees, retain employees, and hire new employees.

Some of my peers in the small-business community have already started getting letters from insurers notifying them that their plans are being cancelled or their premiums will rise. My company had over a 20 percent increase in health insurance cost for 2012.This directly contradicts what the President and Congress told us about being able to “keep our plans” if we want and about reducing costs for all. And when the law takes full effect in 2014, one can only imagine how much higher our premiums will rise.

I want practical policy solutions that expand coverage, increases competition, and lower health-care costs. That’s what real reform would provide. But PPACA has not made good on the promise of reform. In fact, just the opposite has occurred, and those higher costs are coupled with an unprecedented government intrusion into our everyday lives.”

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