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Under our Declaration of Independence all individuals – because they are made in the image of God – naturally possess equal rights to life, liberty and fruit of labor in pursuit of happiness. The American Declaration of Independence remains the single greatest threat to all forms of collectivist tyranny – because it is pro-individual – because it is anti-collective – because it is a Borg-Killer. The American Declaration of Independence is an eternal declaration of war “against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Here are a few examples:

Government power derives from collectivization of the people’s property. When government – a small group of other people after all – owns or controls vast amounts of the people’s property it is thereby empowered to employ people to carry out its self-serving desires.   Karl Marx advocated the abolition of private property as a means to concentrate property, and thereby power, into the hands of a few.

The various forms of Socialism represent somewhat lesser forms of property collectivization in comparison to Communism. There is a sliding scale of property collectivization, and thereby a sliding scale of government power over the individual. Marxist Communism is at the extreme left with Fascism (related to Crony Capitalism) just a bit to its right, both inhabiting the far left on the spectrum of government power over the individual. We should therefore refer to Marxism as the Marxist Left and Fascism as the Fascist Left.

Anarchy is at the far right on this scale – where there is no government. The American Revolution is center-right – where government is limited by the un-amendable natural law of our Declaration of Independence and the amendable secular law of our Constitution

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