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The Government scandal that rocked the nation in a video really opened the eyes of the people struggling in this nation. Not only are the hard working American’s tax dollars footing the bill for these GSA lavish trips, but the employees that benefit from all of this inappropriate use of government money rubbed the nation’s face in it with a video.

As far as the promise to hold the people accountable who are responsible for posting this video, this remains to be seen. While the video online just blew up in their faces, they actually did the public a favor alerting them to this kind behavior. The window they opened provided a look into the government’s tendency to act one way and behave another when it comes to spending money. Check out the video to the left of the article by clicking the picture.

The video titled “Federal Worker American Idle” was  created as part of a talent competition at a lavish trip to Las Vegas for a four-day conference.

Watch the video here.