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Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said Thursday that the high rates of unemployment for young people are “ridiculous in this country.”

In her speech during the second day of the National Action Network convention, hosted by the NAN’s founder and President Rev. Al Sharpton, Solis spoke about the reenactment of the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Ala., in March, where she marched alongside Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and union leaders.

“We marched for respect, for minorities, for senior citizens and for yes, the right to vote and to be heard,” Solis said. “And we marched for health care and for safer workplaces and for fair wages and for dignity and respect in the workplace.

“And we didn’t forget about marching for our young people who right now are experiencing high rates of unemployment. That is ridiculous in our country that is so valuable,” she said.

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