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     Where does the power to govern come from? In the United States, the authority of the government comes from the people. This power is carefully and specifically limited by the Constitution of the United States.

Unfortunately the Constitutional limitation of governmental power has eroded over time. This erosion accelerates during times of national unease. The Civil War, the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the cold war all were “reasons” for the government to increase its hold on power, decrease the sovereignty of the states, and diminish the rights of individual free men and women.

Never before, however, have we seen such acceleration in this abuse of power as we have in the last decade. This abuse is not divided along party lines, but has become endemic in the political process itself. Most citizens have felt powerless to reign in the burgeoning bureaucracy.

Until now.

    Today, many citizens are educating themselves on the Constitution, the proper role of government and on ways they can help to bring about real change that will result in a return of the United States of America to a limited, Constitution based government as our founding fathers envisioned.