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One of the effects of unlimited government is fiscal irresponsibility. This is exhibited in a number of ways, including a constantly increasing tax burden; increasingly expensive government that is ineffective and wasteful; millions of dollars spent on “pet projects” and “perks” that benefit few but have exorbitant cost for the many; and negative effects on the monetary system including cyclical inflation and deflation, devalued currency, and increasing national debt which leads to decreased sovereignty. The government, it seems, no longer has any sense of fiscal restraint. The recent billion dollar bailouts paid to various private firms are proof enough that Washington no longer understands or cares about the most basic financial principles.    The result is that the United States has become a “debtor nation”. Foreign governments “own” over 25% of our debt; that gives them great leverage in their dealings with us.Another result of fiscal irresponsibility is a weak economy.  Every US man, woman, and child currently owes over $40,000.00 in national debt – because the citizens are ultimately responsible for this debt. It’s time to put the government on a financial diet!