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     One of the cornerstones of the American system is a free market. The founding fathers were adamant that free men and women should be able to arrange their own affairs, to buy and sell and provide for themselves and their families, free from government interference. They recognized that allowing the citizens to profit from the work of their own hands encourages creativity and national prosperity.     Yet today we find that the government, through intrusive and unnecessary regulation of commerce, banking, and business, has all but removed the principles of free market economics from the financial life of the nation. The market place is not allowed to adjust itself naturally, resulting in artificially induced and unsustainable fluctuations in the availability and quality of goods and services. Many of the issues the government proposes to “fix” today – health care, the banking industry, and the manufacturing sector to name a few – have actually been caused by government interference. Many citizens are losing confidence in the government’s ability to right its own past wrongs. People are beginning to recognize that a free market is good for us as individuals, and it’s good for the nation.