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House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday defended the health care reform law, tying it to the promises written in the Declaration of Independence.

The Affordable Care Act is “about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the American people,” Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill. She said it “unlocks” them from a job to pursue happiness without the threat of losing their health insurance.

Pelosi blamed the health care reform law’s poor public support on opponents who have misrepresented the legislation.

“I’m very proud of the Affordable Care Act. I think the understanding of it has been jeopardized by misrepresentations that have been out there relentlessly,” she told reporters when asked about Thursday’s CBS/New York Times poll.

The poll found that more than two-thirds of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn part or all of the Affordable Care Act, while just 24 percent want the court to “keep the entire health care law in place.” According to the poll, 41 percent of respondents said the court should strike down the entire law and 27 percent want the court to overturn just the individual mandate.

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