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The state-appointed receiver for Pennsylvania’s capital of Harrisburg warned that the city will likely face ongoing budget problems even if it sells its incinerator and parking garages.

Receiver David Unkovic, in his 194-page proposal, said he has not yet determined the value of Harrisburg’s parking garages, incinerator and other assets.

However, he said, “It is not clear to me at this stage of the plan development process that, without additional new revenue sources, the city can achieve a balanced operating budget even with further belt-tightening and meaningful concessions from labor.”

Harrisburg is more than $317 million in debt because of expensive repairs to its trash incinerator. A forensic audit released last month showed Harrisburg was drowning in red ink because a close-knit group of high-ranking public officials failed to vet the repair and retrofit of that facility.  Read more.