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Leading proponents of “leveling” are preparing to descend on Brazil for the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit, hosted by the United Nations, and one of the items on the menu will be a re-valuation of the UN’s muddled Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) initiative.

The results will doubtless be a further weakening of property rights around the world under the guise of communitarianism and outright socialism.

IWRM is part of the UN’s overall infamous Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development Initiative” – basically a rhetorical cover for a global abrogation of private ownership. It’s a way to impose top-down governmental/elite control of water resources by maintaining that water belongs to everyone.

UN bureaucrats have seized the opportunity to conflate the phony crisis of “water scarcity” with the equally phony crisis of “global warming.”

UN officials are forever discovering crises that can only be solved by the UN itself. But there is no world water crisis – except that which is imposed on people via corruption, neglect or outright maliciousness. The world is 70 percent water. And there are plenty of compact water purification devices – more every year as technology advances – that can purify as much water as needed.

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