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It has been apparent for some time that ex-conservative David Brock has been masquerading as a “media critic” while at the service of the Democratic Party. But the head of Media Matters has officially dropped the mask of media critic by creating a so-called Democratic “Super PAC” devoted to re-electing President Obama, adding Democrats to the Senate Democratic majority, and taking back the House of Representatives from the Republicans.

Alluding to the Republican takeover of the House in 2010, he told the group America Votes on February 1, “As Democrats, we can’t afford a repeat of 2010.”

Brock described how his new group, American Bridge 21st Century, would serve as a “better model” for Democrats to “coordinate our strategy that will maximize Democratic resources.”

While the focus was on presidential politics, many of the sessions examined liberal strategies for victories in such states as Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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