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Several states say they will reject ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid, and one expert on the law believes even more states will follow suit.

States that are saying ‘no’ to expansion include Wisconsin, Iowa, Louisiana and Florida, which is also opting-out of creating an insurance exchange.

“I certainly don’t think that any state has any real incentive right now to rush to implement this healthcare law,” Nina Owcharenko, director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, says. “Even before the court’s ruling, the wheels on the wagon were falling off — and I think the decision has just made the demise of the healthcare law possibly move faster.”

In the case of Florida, Governor Rick Scott told Fox News this week that he opposes the Medicaid expansion because Floridians will be the ones ultimately picking up the tab after the first three years of federal funding. As for the insurance exchange, Scott says “they don’t work [and] if it is such a great idea, the private sector would do it.”

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