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How many of you watched the Super Bowl last Sunday?  Did you see the ‘Halftime” ad with Clint Eastwood?  What was your reaction?

This from a Fox News article:

Why did Team Obama need to put this ad in a political context? That made it appear that the president was being rewarded with corporate ads by a corporation that received billions in taxpayer dollars they’ll never pay back. And guess what – maybe he was!

Remember: President Obama bailed out Chrysler and GM rather than making them go through bankruptcy like airlines and steel companies have. Then he used taxpayer dollars to reward union allies while screwing the secured bondholders.

The administration now admits taxpayers will lose $14 billion in the auto bailout. That may leave the management of these companies feeling they need to repay their political patrons. That’s what happens when government gets in bed with big business. And it stinks.

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