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The movie’s premise is sim­ple: a Susque­hanna County mom, con­cerned about the dan­gers of hydraulic frac­tur­ing, goes on a cross-country jour­ney to deter­mine whether the warn­ings raised by Josh Fox’s “Gasland” are legitimate.

Except…it’s a bit more com­pli­cated than that. Dur­ing a Har­ris­burg screen­ing of  “Truth­land,” star Shelly Depue admit­ted she was approached by the energy indus­try – and not the other way around – to pro­duce the film. They booked the inter­views she con­ducted, and set the agenda. And while Depue wasn’t paid for her par­tic­i­pa­tion, the Inde­pen­dent Petro­leum Asso­ci­a­tion of Penn­syl­va­nia and Energy In Depth picked up her travel tab.

The energy indus­try is aggres­sively mar­ket­ing the 34-minute movie this sum­mer, sched­ul­ing screen­ings and panel dis­cus­sions across Penn­syl­va­nia. And while “Truth­land” is get­ting neg­a­tive pro­duc­tion reviews – the Patriot News’ Don­ald Gilliland called it a mix of bad art and cor­po­rate mes­sag­ing – sev­eral of the facts it high­lights are well-established:

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