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In 2009, under Gov. Ed Rendell, the state’s education funding formula was filled by substituting federal stimulus funds for a portion of state funds.

After stimulus funds vanished last year, Gov. Tom Corbett and public school advocates have been at odds over the gap in funding.

During his budget address Tuesday, Corbett noted there is confusion concerning education budget cuts when he spoke of the $900 million that schools lost from the state budget last year.

“That was stimulus money. It is gone, and it is not coming back,” he said.

Corbett’s education funding proposal during his first year in office was an increase when compared with state contributions during stimulus years. By the time the 2011-12 budget was finalized, school districts were restored to 2008-09 levels, where Corbett’s proposal for 2012-13 has them pinned again.

Confusion has continued in 2012, this time regarding the elimination of $95 million in Accountability Block Grants.

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