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Lloyd Marcus:  Our 40th president’s birthday earlier this month caused me to reflect upon how Ronald Reagan impacted my life.

In 1981, I was a young singer/songwriter, clueless about politics, when Ronald Reagan won the presidency.  An event planner asked me to perform at an inaugural ball.

Reporters asked, “Why are you here and why do you like Reagan?”  I could not help noticing the baffled looks on their faces upon hearing my reply.  “I like Reagan because every time I hear this man speak, I feel good about my country and myself.”

I later learned as a black person I was supposed to hate Ronald Reagan.  Democrats said Reagan’s talk about welfare reform was “code” for his racism and hatred of blacks.  As I said, I was young and clueless regarding politics,
codes, and such.  And yet, in my gut, I knew that Reagan was a good man.

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