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The RNC launched a research release today, attacking President Obama for killing coal jobs. Using his own words against him, by taking part of a phrase from his earlier gaffe about the private sector, the RNC release says his plan to bankrupt and block coal “is doing fine.”

The release targets eight states, including Pennsylvania, for ways that Obama’s energy policies have negatively affected jobs and economic growth for each of the states.

One of the excerpts from the fact sheet cites a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story from March about the closure of coal-fired power plants in the area run by GenOn Energy Inc., which said economic factors and government regulations requiring pollution control equipment cut too deeply into profits to allow for further operation.

“GenOn Energy Inc. will shut down eight power plants over the next three years, three of them old, coal-burning power plants in Western Pennsylvania: at Elrama in northern Washington County, Shawville in Clearfield County and near New Castle in Lawrence County.”

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