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New York Timesbestselling author says the whole political spectrum has shifted to the left, with today’s Republican Party looking like the Democrats of old.

Karl Rove has been one of the most outspoken members of the so-called Republican establishment, and he has been pushing the idea that “moderate” Mitt Romney is the only GOP candidate capable of defeating Barack Obama. Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of Saul Alinsky: The Evil Genius Behind Obama, has a suggestion for why that is.

“What Karl Rove is calculating, I’m sure, with Romney … is that the population has become so dependent on government that if you had a strong conservative run, like a Newt Gingrich or someone who is at least fiscally conservative, it would scare the majority of American voters,” Corsi explains, noting that Rove favors Romney in the presidential race.

But as the author points out, the Republican Party has been pulled to the left as the Democratic Party is increasingly controlled by the far left.

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