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Sen. Jim DeMint (R.-S.C.) argues in his new book—Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse—that Americans could be approaching a last chance to save the country from a fiscal catastrophe and permanent transformation into a nation where the federal government assumes powers not authorized by the Constitution.

“I’m trying to sound the alarm to Americans that this could be our last chance to turn things around and get them right,” DeMint said in Online With Terry Jeffrey interview.

In the book, DeMint says the nation’s political establishment, by bringing the nation to the brink of an unprecedented fiscal crisis, has put Americans at risk of losing their freedom.

“The political establishment in Washington is destroying our country, and only a determined effort by the American people can stop them,” DeMint wrote. “We are in serious trouble and very close to economic collapse. This is not hyperbole; Americans have never been this close to losing all the freedom, prosperity, and opportunity that generations of citizens and soldiers have fought and died to give us.”

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