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Community Development Block Grant allocations for counties, borough and townships in Pennsylvania are down about 12 percent.

Venango County’s 2012 allocation will be $221,999, down from $240,141 in 2011. In 2010, the county received $269,183 for distribution to local municipalities for eligible projects benefiting low to moderate income residents.

The federal funds, funneled through the state, may be used for blight prevention; construction or reconstruction of public water, sewer, stormwater and transportation facilities; code enforcement; clearance/ rehabilitation; the removal of architectural barriers; and historic preservation.

In years past, the county has generally planned on receiving about $250,000, and has often received more than that, said Judy Downs, executive director of the Venango County Regional Planning Commission, which administers the CDBG program for the county.

Since 1985, the county has received nearly $7 million in CDBG funds, with $1.8 million going to municipalities for water projects, $1.6 million for sewer projects, $793,000 for public/community facilities, $588,000 for housing rehabilitation, $533,000 for streets and roads , $470,000 for architectural barrier removal, $15,000 for recreation, and $1.2 million for administration.

As is generally the case, most of the CDBG money went for infrastructure projects in 2011.

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