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To All Patriots

In response to this piece in Wednesday’s (1/23/19) Derrick

“The Oil Region Rising organization, a local affiliate of the national Indivisible Project, has scheduled a downtown Oil City march Friday in support of ending the partial federal government shutdown. The nonprofit group is focusing its attention on Congressman Glenn Thompson, a Centre County Republican whose 15th District includes Venango County. Billed as a “Welcome GT Thompson to Venango County” demonstration, the event is set for 3 p.m. Friday. Thompson, whose 15th District boundaries shifted last year, recently moved a district office to 217 Elm St. in Oil City. It had been located in Titusville. The focus of the demonstration, open to all interested persons, is “end the shutdown now — no wall,” noted Oil Region Rising chairman Mike Wilcox. “We are stressing that all signs and actions must be respectful and issue-oriented,” said Wilcox. In addition to the government shutdown issue, Oil Region Rising is also addressing a vote by Thompson to end the sanctions against a Russian oligarch accused of conspiring with former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to influence the 2016 election. The group will also ask state Sen. Scott Hutchinson, whose office is near Thompson’s new quarters, to support an end to partisan gerrymandering with the formation of a new Pennsylvania independent commission. The chairman also suggested marchers bring single-issue letters to present to Thompson and Hutchinson. In an earlier Oil Region Rising forum, Wilcox explained the chapter is part of the national Indivisible Project comprised of more than 6,000 local groups in the U.S. It was formed to be a non-partisan organization, devoted to issues rather than political parties, said Wilcox, and membership comes from both major political parties and from independent voters.”

I am responding with this letter to the Editor today and calling for all Patriots to respond by calling or writing Congressman G.T. Thompson today or Friday to take our (conservative) stand in support of President Trump.  I am NOT calling for a physical demonstration countering ORR as things are much to volatile in this country right now.  We need to be smarter and louder but we don’t seek media coverage as they do.  There may come a time and a place for that but this isn’t it! They are trying to build their base and looking to play the victim and we will NOT play their game. We can be a little more subtle in our approach and achieve better results.   Please read my letter below and take action.  Now is not the time to remain silent thinking this is all going to go away.  I am counting on you to STAND with me.  (See instructions in my letter below.)


Jane Richey
Local Coordinator
Venango County Tea Party Patriots


PS  If you could zip me off an email letting me know you took action I would appreciate it.



Dear Editor

Regarding the recent protest of the Oil Region Rising group, as a conservative I would give this response.  While you carry signs and march for what you believe in, thank God and the Constitution for your right to do so.  These are the very things that your party of choice is trying so hard to silence in our nation.

As conservatives, we won’t be marching but prefer our weapons of choice (a pen and a phone/social media).  Most of us work jobs during the week with little time to protest but we use our time to work smarter.  We know that the future of our country is at stake.

Our causes could not be more diametrically opposed.  Our worldviews are entirely different.  We Conservatives support a platform that is based on the Constitution and the rights it affords all, even the unborn.  The opposing party’s worldview includes open borders dangerous to our country, killing of the unborn even up until birth now thanks to New York’s Gov. Cuomo.  They want to see our 2nd Amendment rights infringed upon and our freedom of speech and religion jeopardized.   Their party endorses and elects blatant socialists who now have a foothold in the people’s house.  We strongly object to these efforts and will be fighting this battle with our voices and much prayer.

I am asking all conservatives who care about our country to let their voices be heard and we can start by letting Congressman G. T. Thompson know that we support our President and we ask him to do the same.   His Oil City office phone number is 814-670-0432 and his phone number in Washington is 202-225-5121.  His address in Oil City is 217 Elm St., Oil City, PA  16301.  Call him or drop him a line letting him know, there is more support for conservative causes than the media would have us believe.

Scripture tells us in Romans 13 to “submit to the governing authorities.”  Our governing authority is the Constitution of the United States.  We must protect and defend it – we can do no other!

Jane Richey
Franklin, PA