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The crowd was small but enthusiastic, the music was great, and the speakers informative.

Our team of faithful volunteers decorated the bandstand to great effect.

Kent_VCTPP_Rally Rally_Bandstand

Several groups had informational booths set up around the perimeter of the park.



Special thanks to our speakers, and to all the volunteers who made this day a success!

We learned about the dangers of Common Core, the challenges of Home Schooling in Pennsylvania, the importance of private property rights, the assaults on our religious freedoms, the importance of the second amendment, and many other important topics related to the Constitution and the Tea Party core principles.

We also heard some inspiring music by Jerry Hanna, and learned about some of the important successes the Tea Party has enjoyed.

The rally itself was, in reality, a celebration of the freedom we still enjoy – freedom to peaceably assemble, bear arms, petition for redress of grievances, and seek the favor of the Creator.