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Venango County Tea Party Patriots (VCTPP) will meet Saturday, January 23 at 9:00 am at Kings Restaurant in Franklin.  As usual, if you want to eat breakfast come at 8:00 am so we can start the meeting promptly at 9:00.

We will be ramping up with Presidential Election year plans.  Diane Gramley will be presenting her research on legislator voting records and Elizabeth Stelle of the Commonwealth Foundation will bring an update on what’s happening in Harrisburg.



I know things either look extremely encouraging or extremely discouraging dependent upon whom you are backing.   If you have been following the National Tea Party Endorsement process, you will see that after Round 2 of 4 voting opportunities, the field is narrowed to 4; Carson, Cruz, Paul and Trump.

If you haven’t visited the site and voted you still can.  Round 3 will begin January 21.   These are short windows so keep that in mind.

I’m rather discouraged that out of 600,000 emails sent and over 20,000 robo calls, the highest number of Patriots to vote was around 20,000.  Don’t know if it’s apathy or disagreement with the endorsement process.  Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

After every round of voting, coordinators are asked – do you still want to proceed with this process and will you support the winner?   So it’s not a “given” yet that TPP will go public with all this, but it’s been an interesting process.


The Venango County Council of Republican Women will be holding two Petition Signing Events on February 13; in Franklin at Bella Cucinas at 1234 Liberty St. from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and at Famoore’s in Oil City at 18 East First St. from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.    If you are a conservative and are running for office, feel free to attend with your petitions and to the rest of you, come and help them get on the ballot.   Petitions can first be circulated on January 26 and are due back to the Courthouse on February 16.


If you don’t know who your County Committee person is, then it’s possible they aren’t doing their job.  Committee persons are to be active in their precincts informing, working polls and communicating with their constituents.  Perhaps, you would like to circulate a petition to get on the ballots for this position in your precinct.  These positions are open for anyone to challenge.  The position is a four-year term and requires at least 10 signatures on a petition.  Petitions can be picked up at the Election office on Jan. 26 and are due back by Feb. 16.



There has been no confirmation that there will be a Lincoln Day Dinner in this area this year – for those of you who are wondering.  If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.


The Primary Election will be held April 26 which is earlier because of the Presidential Election.  This election is even more important than the General Election although I’m finding people are woefully ignorant of this.  Keep in mind that if you are an Independent or having recently switched to Independent, you will not be able to vote in the Primary.  You do not have a voice!  If you would like to have a voice, you can still switch your voter registration to one of the main parties if you complete a registration by March 28.  You can register online at http://www.votespa.com/portal/server.pt?mode=2&objID=1174117&open=514&parentid=1&parentname=ObjMgr  or we will have forms at our book table at the Tea Party meeting.

If you are applying for an Absentee Ballot the last day to apply is April 19 but the Election office tells me not to wait until the last day but to do it early.  Absentee ballots are due back to the Election office (not just postmarked) by April 22 at 5:00 pm.

In this Primary you will be voting for the following offices:

State Senator                                  State Attorney General                State Auditor General
State Representative                     State Treasurer
PA State Senator in Congress     PA Representative to Congress

Do you know who is running?   Come to the VCTPP meeting to find out……



We need to pull out all the stops this year in getting people registered and informed to vote.  You as a Tea Party Patriot are becoming known as someone who is well informed and you will find those who are too busy or uninterested in keeping up will come to you for your opinion.   If you don’t know where the candidates stand on issues that we are concerned about, go to https://www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com/official-tppcf-primary-registration/    It would be great if you registered to vote in the endorsement process(this isn’t a fundraising tactic) but even if you don’t register if you scroll down, each conservative candidate is listed and under their picture there is a “Read More” button.  This will allow you to see their answers to our survey on issues.  It’s very informative!


http://www.teapartypatriots.org/YELLOWCARD/   This link will inform you of some of the Tea Party Concerns that we are asking candidates about.

http://www.co.venango.pa.us/election-currentelection/2015-election-calendar.html  This link will have pertinent election deadlines if you need to inform others.  (Currently only 2015 dates are listed but The Election office told me they are working on updating this information asap)

www.vctpp.org   The Venango County Tea Party Patriot Website

VCTPP can be found on Facebook by searching for Venango County Tea Party Patriots.  You can join by hitting “LIKE.”   I post news items daily and important information that can be shared with friends.

Jane Richey, Local Coordinator contact info is 155 Summit Drive, Franklin, PA   814-671-7110


As always we rely on your donations to continue our work.  Thanks for your support!