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The John Birch Society will be hosting  a Constitutional Lecture Series every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm at Kings Restaurant in Franklin, beginning June 13, 2024.  The lectures are free but dinner is at your own expense and come at 5:00 to order.  Study guides and participant guide sheets will be provided.  This is the schedule of classes

                Thursday, June 13:  Lecture 1 – The Dangers of Democracy
                Thursday, June 20:  Lecture 2 – Enumerated vs Unlimited Power
                Thursday, June 27:  Lecture 3 – Constitutional Economics, Constitutional Money
                Thursday, July 11:    Lecture 4 – Constitutional War Powers and the Enemy Within
                Thursday, July 18:    Lecture 5 – Exposing the Enemies of Freedom
                Thursday, July 25:    Lecture 6 – Restoring the Constitution

R.S.V.P. to Daniel Butler – How many will be attending by calling or texting 814-493-4033 or email dan.butler.jbs@gmail.com