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Remember the York County 912 Patriots was the group that “counted heads” during the State Republican Committee’s little endorsement party on January 28th!  They not only did a great job “counting heads,” but they placed the information on their website and made it readily available to the entire Commonwealth.

From the York Dispatch:

The York 912 Patriots organization is coming under fire for allegedly acting as a political action committee while touting itself as a grassroots nonprofit.

The county’s biggest tea party group says it doesn’t endorse or fund campaigns, even for members who are running for office, but its assertions are likely to be the subject of a legal challenge.

Though candidates are running on the Republican primary ballot, the head of the York County Republican Party is among those questioning whether the group is operating within legal boundaries.

Republican Party chair Bob Wilson said his concerns include the promotion of petition drives for Patriot member Ted Waga, who’s running in the 4th Congressional District.

“When you try to affect the outcome of an election or engage in the promoting a candidate, you’re legally obligated to follow the law,” Wilson said.

York 912 Patriots isn’t listed as a PAC, said Nikki Suchanic, director of the York County Department of Elections and Voter Registration.

Under state law, the group would have to file as such if it were spending money to support local candidates, she said. It would have to report contributions and log expenditures.

While Wilson voiced concern about the appearance of endorsements, County Solicitor Mike Flannelly said money is the key component of PAC registration.

“The general idea is whether you’re advocating the election or defeat of a particular candidate or referendum item, and spending money,” he said. “Everybody has First Amendment rights, but PACs are designed to regulate money expenditures so the public is aware of who’s spending money to support the election of somebody or the defeat of somebody.”

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