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We will be discussing this topic at our April 23 meeting. But in short, here are some things in the works….

  • We have filed a Right to Know Law Request requesting digital copies of all ballots counted and those NOT counted for the November 2020 election for all races in Venango County including state and federal positions.
  • Sharing at our April meeting the feedback we got from the Venango County Election Office regarding questions posed regarding election procedures.
  • Working with “Audit the Vote PA”
  • Informing voters as best we can on all candidates and their positions of issues.
  • Tentatively scheduling (as available) the movie by Dinesh D’Sousa entitled “2000 MULES”. Screenings by reservation only on May 12 and May 14 at 7:00 pm at VCTPP Headquarters located at 149 Summit Drive, Franklin, PA 16323. Reservations can be made by emailing info@vctpp.org. Seating is limited.